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The challenge of creation:
pathway to a prosperous society

Mankind has been blessed with wonderful powers of creation and discovery,
and with the passion to support them. One of the fields in which this limitless energy has produced grand results is chemistry, where dynamic progress has contributed greatly to the evolution of our civilization.
Mizusawa Industrial Chemicals, Ltd. was the first company in Japan to produce activated clay as a refining agent for oils. Ever since, by adhering to our ideal of "serving people and society,"
we have vigorously pursued a program of research and development that has yielded a wealth of new material technologies. In a broad range of industries, from foods to petrochemicals, paper,
and automobiles, our technologies have been applied fruitfully to develop products with important new functions.
Indeed, without the behind-the-scenes support of such technologies, there could be no material progress.
Now, at the dawn of the twenty-first century, society's demands for comfort and convenience are both increasing and diversifying. The potential uses of fine chemicals are thus bound to keep growing.
By building on our established technologies and tradition of creativity, and by keeping to our original ideals, we will continue to exploit the limitless potential of materials.
We believe that our efforts will contribute to the development of an ever more prosperous society.

A world leader in the field of fine chemicals

Mizusawa ranks among the world's top 3 manufacturers of refining agents for
oil and fat products.

imgMizusawa Industrial Chemicals, Ltd. was established in 1937 for the domestic production of activated clay required for the refining of oil and fats.
Since then, to meet our customers' diverse needs, we have applied highly creative approaches to technology and development to produce a range of path-breaking materials.
Over the years, we have grown to be a leader in the chemical industry, boasting plants equipped with state-of-the-art technologies. We are particularly proud of the fact that our strong sales performance and trust from our customers have earned us a position among the world's top three manufacturers of oil and fat refining agents.
Developing a variety of chemical derivatives from acid clay
While the world's largest manufacturers of activated clay limited their operations to this product,
we used its raw material, acid clay, as the basis for research and development programs that produced a variety of chemical derivatives. Our research on acid clay has thus led directly to the development of products including builders for non-phosphate detergents, stabilizers for the molding of vinyl chloride products,
spherical silica gel, and co-whitening agents for rubber.
Mizusawa is currently pursuing further growth along three main business lines:
1) Clay operations centered on the manufacture of activated clay;
2) Silicate operations centered on functional resin fillers; and
3) Stabilizer operations centered on the production of stabilizers for polyvinyl chlorides (PVC) resins.
Not content to limit ourselves to traditional activities, we are making full use of these three core operations to branch out into new markets and target areas. At Mizusawa, we are committed to developing materials and functions to support the cutting-edge technologies of the twenty-first century.

With a history of inventors as presidents,
creativity is our strongest asset.

Linking today's discoveries to those of tomorrow:
Outstanding personnel is our driving force

imgContinuous research and discovery leading to new technologies:
this is precisely how Mizusawa has grown.
From our establishment until today, our operations and technologies have been driven by the basic desire to exploit the characteristics of clay for our customers' benefit. Originally a manufacturer of only activated clay,
we currently feature a lineup of 120 products. A consistent focus on research and development has allowed us to reach these higher levels, and in the process to establish Mizusawa's international reputation for technological excellence.
Needless to say, the driving force for all of these achievements has been our outstanding personnel Our R&D system features a "domestic exchange" program designed to improve our technological capabilities by placing our chemists for periods of one or two years in laboratories in leading Japanese research universities such as the University of Tokyo, Tohoku University, and Kyoto University. This system of industrial-academic cooperation originated in 1957, thanks to the efforts of Professor Tsutomu Kuwata of the University of Tokyo Since then, over 100 of our chemists have engaged in academic research programs.
More than 500 patents and invention prizes, and an international reputation
for creativity and foresight.

R&D requires more than only technological resources. In the field of fine chemistry,
creativity and an eye to the future are the keys to success.
Mizusawa won its first Industrial Innovation Council Award in 1949.
Since then, two of our presidents have received the Purple Ribbon Medal, the highest award for scientific or artistic invention granted by the government of Japan.
In addition, we have won numerous prizes including the Chemical Technology Award of the Japan Chemical Society, the Award of the Director General of the Science and Technology Agency, and the Hoffman Medal of the Netherlands.
Moreover, we have obtained over 500 Japanese and foreign patents.
These achievements are testimony to our high levels of creativity and foresight.

Total area:260,OOOm2
A factory environment that ensures high quality.

imgThe Mizusawa brand is now found throughout the world.
Our customers demand strict quality control, and we satisfy them through two JIS-designated plants, which deploy state-of-the-art computer technology to monitor the production process all in the midst of magnificent natural settings! Moreover, our plants benefit from access to an effective road and railway for the best distribution system.
At Mizusawa, we are constantly striving to perfect our ability to rapidly manufacture and deliver high-quality products

True to our origins, we meet new challenges
with new perspectives

During the late 1920s and early 1930s, Japan relied entirely on imported activated clay for refining oil or cooking oils and fats. To produce activated clay domestically, Takeda Chemical Industries established Takeda Clay Industries in 1937. This firm later became Mizusawa Industrial Chemicals, Ltd.
Activated clay is produced by acidizing acid clay. Pursuing the goal of "100% use of natural resources," we put all our efforts into the development of products using acid clay as raw material. Overcoming the chaos of the wartime era, we made a major contribution to a soap industry suffering from oil and fat shortages by starting production of the soap extending agent "Silton" in 1946. Other new products developed at a breath-taking pace.
In 1950, managing director Yujiro Sugawara (later our second president)received the government's Purple Ribbon Medal for "establishing an industrial chemical system using acid clay as raw material".
Since then, we have succeeded in developing revolutionary products such as stabilizers used during the molding of PVC products, coloring agents for non-carbon paper, and non-phosphate detergent builders to replace phosphates that cause lake and marsh pollution.
Our operations have grown steadily, in tandem with our technology.
Now, at the dawn of the twenty-first century, society's demands for comfort and convenience are changing and diversifying dramatically. The potential uses of fine chemicals are thus bound to keep growing. At Mizusawa, our objective is to generate new,
useful functions by further enhancing the integration of our manufacturing, sales,
and research operations and by anticipating the needs of the times.
Our new creations will meet the challenges of a new era.

The world's eyes are on our new global strategy
At Mizusawa, we have developed new materials and new functions that have contributed significantly to society's progress.
Indeed, Mizusawa's strengths have gained international recognition.
Many of our original products, such as coloring agents for non-carbon paper, are now exported to the world's markets.
In today's era of internationalization, standardization is progressing in all fields As part of our active global business strategy, we are cooperating with major trading companies not only to import and export our products, but also to provide our technologies to overseas licensees. In 1989 and 1990, we established two joint enterprises in Thailand. In 1999, we licensed our production technology for activated c1ay to a firm in India. Since then , much attention has been focused on "Galleon Earth" produced in India for markets in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.
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